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Believe In Brum

Exclusive 10% discount for Independent Birmingham Card on eyewear & sunglasses

Birmingham is brimming with creativity and filled with great independent restaurants and shops.

We’re dedicated to supporting the incredible indie scene and have partnered up with local initiatives.

Join us in showing support for Independent Birmingham and enjoy 10% OFF complete purchases.

Use the #MyBull keyring for an amazing 10% off eyewear & sunglasses purchases

Independence is more than just a buzz word or a bandwagon. It’s our philosophy. It’s ingrained in our very fibre.

From the first delightful bite of a smoked salmon cream cheese beigel I had as a child from a little family run shop, I knew that indie was in my blood.

It’s for that reason that we chose to partner up with Birmingham Updates, to celebrate their cause for Brum. Get the keyring and enjoy 10% OFF complete purchases.

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