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How To Give Your Spectacles A Fresh Start

In with the new, out with the old. Everyone is looking to get a new start on something. I started off with 3 resolutions for 2018 and have already broken one. After piling on the pounds over the festive period, I resolved to hitting the treadmill more often and start eating clean. Now, exercise is addictive so I have managed to keep a routine, sticking to a schedule. But I have had a disaster with my diet. I just love savoury snacks and lots of tasty (but fatty) foods. It occurred to me that to succeed in keeping a New Years Resolution is to connect it with what I want out of life and to share that thought with others! This brings me to my third resolution. If you recall, in November, I gave

We Wish You A Fruitful 2018

Happy New Year! After a wonderful two-week break spending it with family and friends, it's great to be back at the Spectacle Emporium. It's a great time to shed the old from 2017 and to embrace a positive outlook in 2018. This new year is a fabulous opportunity to discover new things, to start something new, and to hit personal goals. So let's embrace new ideas and new perspectives! And there's no better place than to fleshing out your own visual wardrobe with a brand new look! It's time to feel good and to look good, so head over to and make your dreams for 2018 come true. 2018 promises to excite. Keep in touch.

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