Scenes from a store-front

Welcome to Spectacle Emporium, an optical store with a difference! We opened up in November 2015 with the promise to bring some of the most incredible eyewear in the world.

So we trotted across the globe in search for something special, and oh my gosh is the world special! But you'd be hard-pressed to spot it. We'd visit trade-shows and meet the designers, y'know... the guys and gals that actually make glasses for a living as opposed to big-money licenses, but I digress. We made a promise that we would only bring back great looking eyewear that we fell in love with, that we developed an affinity with. The way we see it, if we don't love it, then how can you?

Great looking eyewear can and should make you feel special. We think you're special. Pop in for a chat one day, we'd love to hear your story.