When Eyewear and Music Collide

We at Spectacle Emporium love curating! We get goose-pimples when seeing a collection that blows our mind. And sometimes we just have to go a bit crazy in order to bring the very best to Birmingham. We owe it to you.

Tavat Tactile, handmade eyewear in Kings Heath, Birmingham

Over the next few weeks and months we shall be bringing in some new styles and a few new indie brands. It's a bit like finding that special band that no-one had heard of, only for the group to become something globally exceptional a few years later.

Janan trying on the new Bevel styles, luxury in Kings Heath, Birmingham

When Oasis released their EP Supersonic, I knew that this was want I wanted to listen to as a buzzing 15 year old. I started buying the Melody Maker and NME to catch up on what Oasis, and other indie bands, were up to. What began as an accidental discovery became an addiction. I soon discovered sounds that I had never heard before - like trip-hop Portishead or US alternative Garbage. 1994 was a magical year.

I look back at my vinyl and cassette collection with eclectic fondness. It's not mainstream by any stretch of the imagination.

I didn't know it then, but that desire to discover burned strong! We could have gone down the road that everyone else travelled - to stock the same brands and styles everywhere else or to jump on the populist bandwagon.

A hint of what's coming in 2018, Kings Heath, Birmingham

If I was to compare Spectacle Emporium to any other shop, it would be a old-school 1990's vinyl/record store. A treasure trove of unusual styles that was carefully curated by someone who wanted to share their passion with their local community.

But don't take our word for it. Take a walk down Kings Heath and Moseley and you will see our signature on peoples' faces; much like the music blaring out of my old Sony Walkman, the eyewear you get from Spectacle Emporium is a testament to your personality.

Embrace your individuality. #eyeloveindie