5 Influential Indie Eyewear Brands in Milan

The world of eyewear fashion descended to cosmopolitan Milan this weekend, and already the impressive Mido exhibition was teeming with indie labels that sourced their inspiration from the nineties - from steampunk homages to Jean Paul Gautier to minimalist metal rounds.

Mido Expo in Milan, framed by Masahiro Maruyama

I took a detour through the expansive domain in search of the quirky and eccentric, a taste of tomorrow's designers that throw down the gauntlet to the ubiquitous, mechanised perfections surrounding us in our daily lives.

Here are my favourite 5 secrets that I found in the home of the fashionistas:

1. Metronome

Bisei is a designer that agrees with us to the core. A celebration of dystopian imperfection, yet discovering beauty in the most unusual places. The collection is inspired and we featured them in an earlier blog.

Rigards in Mido, worn by Janan from Kings Heath, Birmingham eyewear.

2. Rigards

Rigards are a brand that pursue an unorthodox aesthetic through nonconformity and experiment. Their use of aluminium and magnesium is a particular highlight, with nuanced curves and clever tweaks they have managed some luscious designs. The aluminium is anodised so you can be sure that the colour will not fade, and maybe a more daring colour palette in future?

Pawaka in Mido, original Rhianna sunglasses

3. Pawaka

East meets West; Sanskrit meets Eco-Warrior. Pawaka is a fusion of many ingredients that blend harmoniously into a stunning collection.

The brand, by the delightfully creative Fa Empel, has already reached cult status on Instagram, with Rhianna sporting Empat 4, seen on the top shelf in the picture above, a style oft imitated but never surpassed.

Slave to Ancestors eyewear in Mido, worn by Spectacle Emporium

4. Slave To Ancestors

Away from the bustle from the main hub, I came across Elia Olivieri and Daniele Marconetti and their collection Slave to Ancestors. The eyewear evokes memories of a bygone era of traditional craftsmanship.

The smell, the touch and the look combine seamlessly to take your senses back to the tanneries of Italy. You can almost "hear" the hammering of leather on a cast steel anvil. The results? Sensual, exotic and absolutely stimulating!

Dzmitry Samal sunglasses in Mido

5. Dzmitry Samal

I love experimental designers, people that push the boat, people who take risks with shapes and angles not normally seen in eyewear fashion. Dzmitry Samal is one such designer. Flashes of Art Deco and Cubism decorate the brand and it's a joy to hold one of his creative pieces!

It's small wonder then that many of the designs are patented! Yes, there are cheap imitations, but the look and feel of the original is far superior in every way. Keep an eye out for the brand!

There are so many secrets to discover at the Mido Expo and I hope that I have piqued your interest in the world of quality, original indie eyewear. We love sharing our view on eyewear and would love to hear from you. Perhaps we can share more stories over a cup of coffee?

So I leave you with a question. Which brand that I highlighted today would you like to see in store?

Comment below with your answers and let us know what you would like to hear about in future! Until next time! Ciao!