10 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Those R@ybans In 2018

Goodbye grey sky, hello blue! It's finally time to pack away the anorak and embrace the sunshine - and our flirtations through London and Milan revealed what's hot for this year. As ever we're here to shed the secrets from the avant garde indie scene so that you, the gorgeous people that you are, are the trend-setters.

1. Oversized Sunglasses

Angelina Jolie wears Shauns California sunglasses, in stock at Spectacle Emporium

Angelina Jolie turns heads. Fact. Yet she's fallen head over heels for British born indie brand: Shauns California. Here she's setting the world alight wearing flattering oversized catseyes with very subtle asymmetric decorative pins.

2. Tiny Sunglasses

Pawaka sunglasses worn by Rhianna

Dull "Wayfarers" have taken a backseat to the rise of variety, epitomised by Rhianna's sensational shot with a pair of Pawaka's Empat 4. Expect a lot of imitation of over the coming year or two, but why settle for second best when you can get the real deal?

3. Chic Aviators

Tavat Aviator sunglasses, Kings Heath, Birmingham

The thin metal aviators are here to stay, but with fresh shapes and designs to reinvigorate a style that was once the epitome of macho fashion. The Ex-Cam collection encapsulates the new direction of a classic form.

4. Geometric Shapes

Nuria wears Kirk and Kirk Amanda sunglasses, exclusive to Spectacle Emporium

When Cool Brit Brand, Kirk & Kirk, hit the eyewear scene in 2015, they tore up the rule books and experimented with shapes, colour and materials. The results were astounding. Fellow eyewear bloggers, La Espejuelos, played with the hexagonal shape, named Amanda, with glorious results.

5. Colourful Sunlenses - Lots of Colour

Shauns California sunglasses exclusive to Spectacle Emporium

It's no secret that we at Spectacle Emporium love eyewear with colour, but did you know that we also love to customise lenses with more bespoke options too? Why stick to grey and brown when pink, rose-gold and even purple are the order of the day?

6. Decorative Pins

Sharon Stone wears Kirk & Kirk's sunglasses exclusive to Spectacle Emporium

Why stop at colourful frames and lenses? We introduced the fabulous Vivarium collection by Kirk and Kirk that add gorgeous, yet subtle, detail. Here, Sharon Stone is wearing model Louis with highly detailed 9ct gold pins in the form of a ram's head. Handcrafted in Brum's famous Jewellery Quarter - no less!!!

7. Clip-Ons

Tavat Oro with Melanin infused Clip On exclusive to Spectacle Emporium

A throwback to a 90's style, the clip on has moved on from humble beginnings to an edgy accessory that can funk up even the most traditional styles. Here, Tavat have developed custom clip ons for their Tactile collection.

8. Round Sunglasses

Campbell Marson sunglasses exclusive to Spectacle Emporium

Continuing that 90's vibe, the round sunglasses continue to be strong in the fashion arena. You can up your eyewear game with a pair of Campbell Marson's wooden sunglasses. Pure luxury.

9. Intricate Design Twists

Soupcan Glacier Special Edition sunglasses exclusive to Spectacle Emporium

We know how difficult it is to find something fresh and innovative in the modern era. Everything just seems... bland. But we're not the type to rest on our laurels and our pursuit for excitement was rewarded with discovering the brand new steampunk "Glacier" model from Tavat.

The "Glacier" is a limited edition style exclusive to Spectacle Emporium and is bound to cause a storm in Birmingham.

10. Vintage/Collectors Sunglasses

Cazal 001 Limited Edition sunglasses Exclusive to Spectacle Emporium

No self-respecting bona fide eyewear aficionado cannot be without at least one pair of hot Cazal sunglasses. Throw in a limited edition design from Cari's legendary sketch book and you're in for an explosive time!

If there was one thing you should take home: there is no dominant style. Say goodbye to R@yban and embrace your independence.

Expect spicy variety in sunglasses this year, because we'll be bringing the very best to Brum. To kick off the season, we're attending the Independent Birmingham Festival with our selection of awesome eyewear and everyone - yes everyone - gets an exclusive 20% OFF on the day.

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We look forward to meeting you all soon! Until next time - this is Janan signing out. Ciao!