The Winner Of Best UK Fashion Practice 2018 Is...

Spectacle Emporium! We are proud to announce that we won the highly coveted prize at the Optician Awards, on Saturday, in a category where every entry would have been worthy winners.

Spectacle Emporium wins Best Fashion Practice Award 2018 at Birmingham

Nominees hailing from London to Ireland graced the fabulous event at the Birmingham Metropole. It was a beautifully organised event with comedian Mark Watson bringing the house down, and wonderfully supported by the voice of Strictly Come Dancing, Alan Dedicoat.

Mark Watson hosting Optician Awards 2018

The (hefty) Art Deco inspired trophy sits proudly atop our shelves amongst our many tinned soup cans, catching the brightly coloured store and blending them with a sliver of sunshine creating a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic, silhouette.

Spectacle Emporium's Optician Award Best Fashion Practice Award

The result itself was a huge surprise to me. I sat at a table not far from the podium - and closer still to the judges and organisers, so of course I was on my best behaviour - listening attentively as the shortlisted practices were announced in turn. The table was at a wonderful spot to hide the fact that I had just sneaked in before dinner was served. Naughty.

Dinner at the Optician Awards with Hammond & Drummer and Tom Davies

After dinner, the event began in earnest with the winners declared. The Best Fashion category soon approached: "And the winner is... " I clasped my hands together in readiness to congratulate the victors, "Spectacle..." I almost protested at how long the announcement was taking, but then stopped all thought processes, I was oblivious to the commotion at my table. We were the only finalist with the word 'spectacle' in our name, yet I was confused. Did we win? I looked across the table and I could see my fellow diners congratulating me, I couldn't hear clearly. I mentally started listing the other nominees trying to insert 'spectacle' into the names. "...Emporium!" my jaw dropped.

Janan Choudhury hoisting the award for Best Fashion Practice at the Optician Awards.

I looked around the table, again, and pointed to my chest, asking the smiling faces, "We won?!"

"Yes!" with firm nods of the head they replied.

I stroked my beard, thinking to myself, "Really?" before standing up and making my way to the stage. It felt like an eternity to register the win. I was shaking my head in disbelief as I accepted the award.

But, like the Cheshire Cat, I furtively departed with a grin that spanned ear to ear. This is a proud moment. An honour to be recognised as pioneers in indie eyewear fashion.

Spectacle Emporium wins Best Fashion Practice 2018 at the Optician Awards

None of this would have been possible without your unwavering support. We have set out to celebrate all that is great in the arena of independent optics, by embracing innovating new designers and to educate a real alternative to mainstream eyewear. We see the award as an acknowledgement that the UK optical industry is willing to change, to adapt to a modern environment that gives consumer genuine choice.

We do not exist to set benchmarks or to make achievements - but we do want to set out changing the way the world perceives the industry. To embrace independence. A massive thank you to all our fans and friends... this award is for you. Nothing changes - except I now possess a very big knife for next week's Seasonal Market's 🧀 Cheese Festival 🧀

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