What Happens When You Discover Specs, Morgues & Vitriol

A new client brought a pair of spectacles that she bought online for us to glaze (to add lenses). "Sure!" I positively said, but half expecting to see a shoddily built plastic frame with dreadful spring hinges to hide the weakness of the material.

Special Edition Kirk & Kirk Collaboration With Mrs Angemi

I could not have been more wrong. To my pleasant surprise, she brought from her lovely bag a wonderfully colourful case that shrouded a rare frame from our friends at Kirk & Kirk! The frame in question was from the new collaboration with the lover of all things anatomical: the ❤️Wife ❤️❤️❤️Mother🔪🔪🔪Human Dissector 💀 Mrs Angemi.

Mrs Angemi Cloth and Case Special Edition Collaboration with Kirk and Kirk

A brief glimpse through Mrs Angemi's Instagram page will have you gagging for the bin or, if you are of a morbid disposition, captivate you with it's curious fascination with putrefaction and ecchymosis - which, coincidentally, are names of two of the four colours available in the Limited Edition Collaboration. Click on the above Insta-link at your own discretion - you have been warned!

This is only the second time that I have had the privilege of holding one of these exclusive frames in my hands and it's always a joy to examine the frames. The sterling silver pins, shaped as an anatomical heart, and intricately crafted locally at the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, UK, bring to life the images you would see in the encyclopaedic Grey's Anatomy

Intricate details on the Special Edition Kirk and Kirk collaboration with Mrs Angemi

These frames cannot be bought in store (I know, I cried too) but they are available at the Kirk and Kirk website. So grab yourself a piece (pun intended) of 21st Century iconography and pop in-store to get them matched up with our very special indie lenses.

We look forward to glazing your special eyewear.

Please share this blog with friends, family and anyone you know that's looking for something super special for their next pair of spectacles. Comment below on what you would like us to blog about next. Until next time, Janan signing off!