Have Your Say On This Independent Eyewear Day!

Bubbling beneath the great shadow, cast by the monolithic giants in the eyewear industry, are busy little businesses with big hearts and passion for creating and crafting spectacles.

You will be forgiven for not knowing much about the movement, as their voices have been drowned out by large groups with profits-at-all-costs in their eyes.

The 3rd Independent Eyewear Day at Spectacle Emporium

The movement in question was developed by the gurus at the Luxury Eyewear Forum to celebrate the very best that independent eyewear can offer.

Saturday 19th May 2018 is the third annual Independent Eyewear Day and it marks the revolution against disposable one-size fits all fashion that, for too long, has consumed the eyewear industry. We won't mince our words nor apologise why we're evangelical about quality and craftsmanship. That's why we're giving you, the lovers of all things indie, an opportunity to have your say on which new eyewear collection that we bring to Spectacle Emporium!

On Wednesday morning, 23rd May at 10am, we shall be hosting four new high quality indie brands that are rarely found on these shores. We viewed them at Mido, Italy a couple of month ago and now we have secured a date to have the new collections on view, exclusively in our store.

Rigards Eyewear viewing at Spectacle Emporium, Birmingham

There is great passion and love that goes into making a pair of well made spectacles. From thoughtful angles and well engineered hinges, to intricate details and exquisite materials, the end product is as distinctive and unique as you, whilst the tactile feel separates it from the mass-produced. Every pair has has quantifiable touch of expertise that you just *know* that it is well made.

Kirk and Kirk Eyewear, the Kaleidoscope collection showing how unique independent eyewear is

But what is independent eyewear?

Independent eyewear is created and crafted by individuals and small businesses, that exist solely in manufacturing eyewear and sunglasses, free from the constraints and influence of large companies that invest a lot of money into acquiring licenses to carry luxury fashion houses and to advertise their image.

They are people who do what they want, borne out of a zeal and desire to be the best that they can be.

Manufacturers of independent eyewear are also very picky about who carries their lines. They look for stores that are willing to invest time into sharing their story, their inspiration, their raison d'être. So it should be no surprise to you then, that true independent eyewear cannot be found in typical high street multi-chain opticians.

It makes sense, to us, that we then share our knowledge with the growing Indie community of Birmingham and give you a very special say on the future of Spectacle Emporium!

If you value individuality, personality and creative tastes, then express that in the spectacles that you wear. We know that you won't be buying glasses every month, so it is important to nail the look with an informed choice.

Is it more expensive? Yes, usually. But that reflects the production values, the creativity and the intense research into every minute detail. And no, there isn't usually a big brash logo on the sides shouting out that it was "made" by some giant Italian or French designer, like an advertising board grabbing your attention with a sledgehammer.

The day the world watched Prince Harry tie the knot to the beautiful Duchess of Sussex, we were reminded how looking beautiful and feeling beautiful in unique garments can make the whole world smile!

We see that in eyewear. Everyday. We see new clients trying on indie eyewear, looking in the mirror and say, "Wow!" Having the perfect blend of stylising and unique eyewear, allows our clients to embrace their individuality.

Perhaps it's time to join the revolution. To subscribe to a refreshing new perspective on eyewear. To capture a real glimpse into the future of independent eyewear. Join us and our clients in raising a glass to the very best of independence this Wednesday 23rd at 10am.