From Humble Beginnings: How We Became An Award-Winning Store.

We've done it! We've only just gone and won Best Independent Retailer at the Birmingham Awards 2018!

A huge thanks to all of you who showed your unwavering support for our little shop by voting us as your favourite Indie Retailer.

Spectacle Emporium wins Best Independent Retailer, Birmingham 2018

We opened a mere 3 years ago with the hope of exciting everyone with our passion for quality service and originality in eyewear. Little did we know that we would achieve so much in such little time.

But it all could have been very different. We bucked the trend and broke a few rules along the way. We chose a spot that broke conventional wisdom in a quiet enclave out of view on a busy suburban high street. We chose to close for lunch at the particularly odd time of 3pm in order to pick up our 2 young kids from (different) school.

We fitted the shop in a way that many passerbys were confused as to whether we sold spectacles or not! We even rejected the idea of selling "popular" or well-known brands.

We embraced our independence fully and unreservedly.

Birmingham Awards trophy for Spectacle Emporium, Kings Heath

But we followed our hearts and took big risks! We trusted our dispensing instincts and pursued what we love. Good design, great technology and a sense of adventure that only creative indie brains would dare tread.

We forged friendships amongst our peers, our clients, the designers and the local businesses around Kings Heath. We wanted to be more than just a place to buy glasses. We wanted to be woven into the fabric of the community!

Partnering up with Independent Birmingham, Birmingham Update's My Bull and sponsoring the wonderful Kings Heath Cricket Club were all integral to promoting and celebrating our independence.

Birmingham is a wonderful city and we wish to be a part of her bright future!

Spectacle Emporium Best Independent and Best Fashion Practice awards, Kings Heath, Birmingham

But this journey would have been a short one without your incredible support! Without you, Spectacle Emporium would have been just another unfulfilled dream.

Thank you! #eyeloveindie

Birmingham Awards Best Independent Retailer 2018 Spectacle Emporium